GP Locums

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Free Locum GP Recruitment 

Text 07481 999111 with your CCG/area and Practice details to be added to your local WhatsApp Group. 

Text 07481 999111 with the CCG/area group(s) you would like to join on WhatsApp. You can join more than one.

via WhatsApp - 5000+ members

An efficient way to arrange locum cover. Text 07481 999111

By joining you agree to use the group in a reasonable manner (no spamming/copying personal data etc)

GP Practices

There is a WhatsApp group for each CCG/area. Practices can send a msg to their group when locum cover is required and locum GPs can respond instantly if available. 


How does it work?

Connecting Practices with Locum GPs

quickly and efficiently - for FREE