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Tips on Using/Troubleshooting the App

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Download the latest version of the App (released 14-15th Dec 2020) - available for iOS and Android.

Fill in the registration page starting with an email address. An NHS email address will allow quicker, automated registration.

Click the link sent to you via email to continue with registration.

A non-NHS email address may take longer to register if checks need to be made to confirm ID.
Check again in the next 24 hours to see if your account has been approved.

Click on the '+' sign to set your search criteria. You must do this in order to see any jobs.

Use the drop down menu to select Job Role and then tap on the '+' sign to add it.

After editing the search criteria use the back arrow to return to the main page.

The search criteria will automatically be saved.

Click on 'View Jobs' to view matching jobs!

Healthcare workers do have the option to advertise their availability to practices/organisations. 
You can use 'Post Availability' multiple times to specify different kinds of work e.g locum/salaried jobs

You can still view jobs (blue sections) without completing this section.

Practices/Organisations can view the availability of healthcare workers (edit the search criteria first). 

This section is optional and does not prevent practices/organisations from Posting Jobs (blue sections).

Tap on the Settings button (top right corner) to change settings/profile and to upload documents.

This is a storage space for your documents. No one will see this unless you decide to send documents via Messages (when responding to a Job Advert for example).

You can select which documents you would like to send.

Agencies have a limited view on the App and can only post and view their own Jobs (and courses if they should choose to offer them)

Course providers (for CPD etc) have a limited view on the App and can only post and view their own course postings.

Commercial Organisations/Sponsors have a limited view on the App and can only post and view their own adverts.

Only companies that can provide special value to users will be allowed to use the App. 

This App is for:

GPs, Practice nurses, Healthcare Assistants...

Dentists, Dental nurses...

Pharmacists, Pharmacy Dispensers...

Optometrists, Opticians, Orthoptists...

Practice Managers, Receptionists, Administrators, Secretaries...

... and more

Jobs include:

UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the Middle East

Practices, Out-of-Hours, Urgent Care/Walk-in-Centres, Community


Temp/Locum//Fixed-term/Permanent Jobs

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