Free Locum GP Recruitment 

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via WhatsApp - 4000+ members

Just a small selection of feedback...

'Thanks Amin. I’ll inform my colleagues and PM of the service. Thumbs up for setting up the service. Regards'
Locum GP (Herefordshire)

'Yes such a great idea, makes you wonder why no one thought of this before!'
Locum GP (Birmingham)

'That's very good initiative
If we all combine like this we could save loads of money instead of paying to agencies'
Locum GP (Cheshire)

'You have taken time and effort to do something so innovative and that needs to be appreciated without doubt ! We have got a group practice and I've emailed my other partners to approve registering the practices on your groups for future Locum covers'
GP Partner (London)

'Sure Amin. Thanks for adding me. I will meet quite a few of my colleagues at the teaching tomorrow and will try to get them to join us'
ST3 (Warwickshire)

'It's such a great idea. I will mention it at the next practice managers seminar'
Practice Manager (Harrow)

'Thanks Amin, brilliant idea :)'
GP Partner (West Suffolk)

'I filled them with a mixture - some on WhatsApp and some through direct relationships we have established with locums. The WhatsApp group has been absolutely brilliant for us and has introduced us to at least 6 locums since I joined the group in November. It has enabled us to fill about 95% of our locum need and we have been through a difficult period over the last 3 months where we have had a lot of quite last minute requirements... What I love is that I can post a message in seconds and it goes out to a large number of locums. It is just so easy. With our locums who are not on Whattsapp we have to message separately which is far more time consuming. I have been considering asking all our locums to join and saying that this will be the only way I will use advertise our requirements in the future'

Practice Manager (Coventry)