Can I join more than one group?
Locum GPs may join more than one group. For England please google ‘CCG Maps’ or click Map. Scotland, Wales & Ireland groups are NOT active at present unfortunately (please leave your details for updates regarding this). Practices may their local CCG group.


I am a partner. Can I join as a locum GP as well as on behalf of my practice?

What restrictions are there?

There are none! 999111 provides the platform to connect. All negotiation and agreements are between the individual GP and Practice. Locum GPs can continue to contribute to the NHS Pension scheme and Practice Managers can of course use a locum agency if unable to find cover via their WhatsApp group. Practice managers can also approach locum GPs directly in future (if they like a particular GP who has covered for their practice before!) 

My group is quiet with few members - shall I leave?

Please stay! It will encourage other to join gradually. In some areas groups have become full (WhatsApp group size limit is 256) and so a second group has been set up. In other areas numbers are in single digits. Please text on 07481 999111 if you would like to know how active your local group is. 

I have heard about the sister 'chat' groups - what are they?
There are now sister Whatsapp ‘Chat’ groups (green icon) for every area. Chat groups may contain Locum GPs, Partners and Practice Managers (just like the locum groups) but they are for professional 'chat' and advertising of non-locus GP posts/courses/Q&As. 

How can I 'mute' a group?
Tap on the group name at the top, then 'mute' then select the duration. You will still receive messages but your phone will not vibrate nor make a sound. You can also unmute.

How do I permanently leave a group?
You do not need to seek permission from me! If you wish to leave a group permanently tap on the group name at the top, scroll down to the bottom and tap on ‘exit group’. You can ask to rejoin at any time.

Will my contact details be shared?

No! Be aware however that members in your WhatsApp group can see the contact numbers for the members within that group. If you become aware of any spam messages then please inform me immediately as this is is not professional/reasonable use of the groups.

Do you have a Facebook group?
There is a facebook group called Primary Care UK. This is to facilitate networking, discussion and communication amongst those working in Primary Care. It is a closed group. To join please click here then '+ Join Group'. Please invite others once you are in!

How can I give feedback?
Please text, WhatsApp, email or use the form on the Contacts page – your suggestions and feedback are most appreciated and always taken into consideration.

Which other organisations do you work with?
Cogora who organise Pulse Live events agreed to cross advertise events and services for a while in 2017-18. I have also received kind support from Dr John Bidwell, a retired GP who has been doing something similar with great success in the North West for the past several years ( I would also like to say a big thank you to all of the individual GPs, Practice Managers and others who have been instrumental in spreading the word about 999111 also!

What are your future plans?
Plans were to launch a 999111 App in 2018. However this has now been delayed to 2019 due to developer issues. Please watch this space!

How is this service funded?
This entire service is being provided for free (or at minimal cost to myself at least). There is no cost to GPs or Practices. I value the support everyone has given in spreading the word and quite enjoy interacting with the community as well as the challenge!

Any funding needs for running costs will hopefully be passed on to Sponsors in future. The ultimate aim is to help save GP practices potentially millions each year by reducing the use of locum agencies. The service will also mitigate against potential locum fee caps in future I hope.

As mentioned at

Any advice for a locum GP?

  • Please mention your name when posting. 
  • You can post in the group and/or message Practices directly
  • You can negotiate your terms directly with the practice. 
  • It may be useful to ask for 2 open references and keep all documents ready to email to a practice manager in combined 1 PDF. Free PDF editors are available online.
  • All Locum GPs are responsible for generating invoices and pension forms to the practices for payment. 

Are there any rules?
By joining/deciding to remain in the groups, you agree to behave in a professional manner (no spamming/copying personal data etc). 999111 may communicate with you occasionally however to help improve its service to you and the community. The 'Locum' groups (red icon) are to be used for advertising and responding to Locum Ads only. The 'Chat' groups (green icon) are for professional interactions only and can be used for advertising permanent posts/courses etc.

Also, you will be given ‘admin’ status. This means that you can add others to the groups that you are in (with consent). Please: 

  1. ask members that you add to familiarize themselves with these FAQs 
  2. only add colleagues that you know/have known. Please do not add agencies. Others can text 07481999111 to join. 
  3. text me on 07481999111 if anyone has been inappropriately added

What is WhatsApp?

To familiarise yourself with the workings of WhatsApp please see

Can we discuss fees in the groups?

Please avoid any discussion in the groups which could amount to price fixing of locum rates.

What does a practice manager need to know?

  • Please mention your Practice name/location/system and contact details when posting. 
  • Please leave a message in the group once a position has been filled.

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